Vielseitige Technotracks aus Litauen


Zugegeben, ich habe in den letzten Monaten den Überblick über die Netlabel-Landschaft verloren. Aber diese EP des litauischen Labels Knobs lässt mich wieder neugierig werden:

This release is a showcase for brightest Lithuanian underground. Three fresh artists joined the label with debut tracks ranging from minimal techno to deep tech. “Inside : Part One” will catch your ears for sure. No proper dancefloor shaking promised, but satisfaction is guaranteed. While “Xomatik” is based on legendary TB 808 rhythmic lines with massive bassline and spacey soundscapes, Mookid’s track “Nod” finds the middle between mainstream techno and dub techno. Few Nolder is checkin’ out what does it mean less BPM and strict conceptual atmosphere. Finally release is hammered with fantastic deep techno track “Ball” by Detoxion … Enjoy!

1. C.o.s.i.n.e – Xomatik
2. Mookid – Nod
3. Few Nolder – Less
4. Detoxion – Ball