6 neue wechselhafte ambient dub soundscapes von segue auf autoplate.

The album’s title ties in with Jordan’s belief in music’s capability “to provoke so many different emotions not commonly encountered in other sensory experiences … .” The title “Synesthesia” was chosen after learning about a neurological condition of the same name which is the involuntary, atypical blending of bodily senses in which the stimulation of one sense causes the concurrent activation of one or more other senses such as hearing a color, tasting a word, or seeing a smell. More relevant to this new album, it relates to the union of the auditory and visual senses in art as demonstrated in the work of expressionist painters like Wassily Kandinsky (and other like-minded artists) who associated tones and chords with colors as he painted.

01 Ah, The Light Shines In …
02 Arctic Air Dub
03 Dready
04 Deep In The Forest
05 July
06 Amber