Pressing The Pause-Button of Life

thn046 cover

Der umtriebige Laridae Labelgründer Herwig Holzmann präsentiert sein neues Listening Album auf Autoplate.

Herwig describes his method of making music as “musical storytelling“ – soundtracks for nonexistent movies. He wants listeners to create their own stories and images in their minds as they listen to what he describes as his pieces of “audio fiction.“ Most often when he creates a new track he begins with a hazy idea of the mood that he wants to establish and then instinctively generates sounds and rhythms that converge on that idea. The titles of the tracks, the artwork, and any samples used are as integral to his albums as the music itself. It‘s this network of ideas, sounds, and other parameters that he attaches to an album that allows its listeners to create his/her own mental picture (such as a story, a film, a painting, etc.) by association. As Herwig puts it: “My albums are intended as balanced dramaturgical stories, the tracks are the chapters.“ His approach to ambient is akin to that of Console‘s “Mono“ album or artists of the likes of Biosphere similar in style to the“ Scandinavian“ approach of smooth ambiance and sounds full of warmth and crackle.

01 … A Heart From Beating
02 … Him For Feeling Sorry
03 … The Day From Breaking
04 … These Thoughts From Circling
05 … Your Eyes From Crying
06 … This World From Turning
07 … Some Birds From Singing
08 … That Scratch From Itching
09 … Her Hands From Trembling
10 … My Head From Hurting
11 … The Everything From Changing

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  1. TobiTobsucht

    da bleibt einem die spucke weg. ganz groß!!!