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[exc009] Kim Cascone — “The Astrum Argentum”

There is no reason to introduce Kim Cascone, as he is one of the most respected avantgarde musicians in the world of last 30 years. He worked with David Lynch, released his music on Sub Rosa, Mille Plateaux and his own labels Silent and Anechoic.

“The Astrum Argentum” was recorded in Budapest, Zurich, Aarhus, Berlin, San Diego, San Francisco and Pacifica and mixed at Anechoic Studios, California in May-June 2007. It contains field recordings processed with Max/MSP.

It would be the crime to lose any piece of this diamond, so you can listen to this record in FLAC lossless quality. Just be patient to download your zip and take a look inside.

01 Kim Cascone “Blue Fluorescent” | 4.4mb, 1:55

02 Kim Cascone “Grayscape” | 15.1mb, 5:38

03 Kim Cascone “Brown Fox” | 15.9mb, 6:57

04 Kim Cascone “Ocean Overhead” | 5.8mb, 2:32

05 Kim Cascone “Spectral Space II” | 11.6mb, 5:03

06 Kim Cascone “The Silver Star” | 26.3mb, 11:30

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