Cinematic Dub Electronica

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Der Finne Twile kreiert dichte Stimmungen in dem elegische Streicher den weiten Raum über muffig-dubbige Fundamente ausfüllen

“Traum-a” reveals what Twile identifies as his four obsessions: filtered violin, glitch sounds, dub bass lines, and contemplative melodies. Going beyond standard dubtech, the tracks contain definite and extended harmonic arrangements. The first half of the album builds on the “four-to-the-floor” beat pattern while the second half relies on a more relaxed, less defined rhythmic structure. There’s a persistent, melancholic ambiance maintained throughout the album. Amongst these four songs one will find introspective, reverberating melodies conveying a sense of space and distance, violin samples bringing an undeniable layer of sadness, traces of glitch adding texture, and subtle beats and bass lines providing a solid rhythmic structure. Especially notable on “Sedna” are beautiful vocal fragments by Milja (Naava Projekt) exuding a human touch of pathos.

01 Spanish Cruiser
02 Traum-a
03 Grimalkin
04 Sedna

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Als nächstes folgt auf Thinner die neue Kraftfuttermischwerk EP – das krill.minima Album wird zu THN098. Autoplate sieht neue EPs von Philipp Weigl und Off The Sky vor.

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