Träumerischer Ambient-Triphop

1bit 027

With 1bit 027, Frank steps up for another beautiful ambient release: Melodies and bass lines in perfect harmony, backed up by soft broken beats. Being a big fan of Juno6, Frank took his “Inside the Blue” and gave it the unique Molder handwriting while the title track “Come With Me” shows us another, previously undisplayed side of himself: Forward striving and full of energy. This album impressively shows Frank’s producing abilities and his development as an artist. We say: Chapeau!

01 Orbital Movement
02 Under Water Society
03 Japanese Soup
04 Electrobot
05 Global Warming
06 Juno6 – Inside the Blue (Frank Molder Remix)
07 Come With Me
08 16 Seconds
09 Softball
10 Space Observer

Alle Files in 256kbit/s.
Das komplette Release als ZIP-File (97 MB).

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3 Responses

  1. TobiTobsucht

    gibbet nix zu meckern. einer der releases 2007!

  2. thinner

    frank molder ist eines eurer besten pferde im stall … höre ich immer wieder gerne. prima album!


    Yo, sehe ich auch so. Das Release kommt genau auf den Punkt mit vielen neuen Ideen – Frank Molder wie wir ihn kennen… Ordentliche Arbeit!