Postcards From Home

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Das neue Album von krill.minima besticht durch freigesetzte glasige Ambientfragmente die in eleganter Art das Licht brechen.

With “Urlaub auf Balkonien”, krill.minima presents nine pensive songs of laidback, ambient-dub in its most refined form rich in elegiac melodies, reverbed chords, glassy pads, relaxed bass lines, warm vinyl hiss, and ever so gentle beats. In Germany, “Urlaub auf Balkonien” is an idiom that alludes to spending one’s summer holidays at home, and the album is thematically centered around taking pleasure in relaxed German summer days. However, “Urlaub auf Balkonien” goes beyond locale and ethos, having a more universal relevance, reflecting in sound a varied, introspective, and sensual array of summer moods, feelings, and images.

01 Sommerdellen
02 Knuspermarsch
03 Heizkörper Lauschen
04 Apfelbaumgrund
05 Palmengasse
06 Projektor
07 Leichtes Glimmen
08 Strandpalast
09 Einsiedelstein

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