Russian contemporary art

ElectroSound is proudly presents the official internet re-issue of the original CD of the well-known russian composer Anton Batagov, first appeared on Longarms Records.

The composition of this album is based on philosophy and practical instructions of the Great Masters of Alchemy. This music is an attempt to reconstitute the spirit of Coniunctio, an alchemical mystery. Alchemy knows a lot about opposite images, like water and fire, dryness and wetness, warmth and cold, the volatile and the fixed, the bodily and the spiritual, the Sun and the Moon, gold and silver, circle and square…

The punk-style guitar riffs and vocal phrases adjoin with angelic choir, church organ, and transparent piano passages. Coniunctio is the understanding or experience of the unity of opposites or paradoxes that lies beyond the world of duality.

01 Anton Batagov “Can You Feel The Rhythm?” | 18.5mb, 8:05

02 Anton Batagov “Coniunctio” | 63.5mb, 28:34

03 Anton Batagov “Opus Alchymicum” | 24.7mb, 10:48

04 Anton Batagov “Umbra Solis” | 32.5mb, 14:14

Listen in mp3 320kbps cbr + FLAC lossless quality:

The original CD is still available to be ordered in Longarms catalog:

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