Watteweiches Popalbum


Perfekt um sich morgens die Nacht aus den Augen zu krümeln. Die neue Compilation auf Muertepop. Knisternd, kindisch, kitschig, knuffig.

Muertepop records comes back with another collection of ten electronic and experimental tracks created by different artists around the world. Autumn arrives and Muertepop wears his hot and comfotable clothes with: All About Max, Background Radiation, (etre), Glass Harmonica, Melodium, Nakao:::, OTO, Parade Me, Queb, Silence Is Sexy.

nakao – mind sheep
parade me – honesty is a weapon
oto – mente
silence is sexy – kids like silence
background radiation
all about max – leaving myself
glass harmonica – old photograph
queb – memories of summery mornings with her
(etre) – you can find a neu cluster of the faust
melodium – broinisme passif

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