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Lang hats gedauert, aber nun doch geklappt. Der erste Winterstrand Release auf laridae.

“To Be The Odd One Out” is a mini-album by Winterstrand, a fruitful collaboration of three brothers from southern Austria, not only sharing the same genes, but evidently also the same love for what they call “soundscapes, heavy breaks and relaxed (but never loungy) rhythms”. Being very commited to the Austrian scene and pleasing their fans with a bunch of experienced live shows, they now decided to release their newest album “To Be The Odd One Out” on laridae. Thanks a lot!

1 Vivacity
2 Dimensionsbrecher
3 Shadows Of Memories
4 Possibly
5 Rave Dans Un Champ De Choux-Raves
6 Sense Of Nothing
7 Untitled
8 Morbide 3
9 The White Table

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