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ed.arcade - Heike_2000

ed.arcade – Heike_2000

as we already announced, ed. arcade knows how to trigger the jackpot.
Now he hits the jackpot with his first EP heike_2000!

All tracks are inspired by a journey to his city no.1, new york city.
In „kent 151″, ed.arcade is catching the bright lights from a brooklyn roof right next to the East river.
Bleepy sounds included, this smooth house track takes you over the Brooklyn bridge right into the urban canyons of Lower Manhattan.

Strong baseline and an easy groove are the right words for „police faked me”. Always remember, when you listen to this song: open beer on the streets of nyc can cost you 25 bucks!

Last but not least, keinzweiter’s remix of „police faked me” is straight to the floor. Hypnotic, mesmeric, the perfect answer to stupid policemen! This remix will make his way to your brain and your feet will follow. Don’t forget to play it loud …

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