Verdammt, das ist mir völlig entgangen…. und sie sind schon bei der 23sten EP!

kracfive presents – IRON CHEF OF MUSIC
Q: What is {Musical} Iron Chef?
A: It’s Kracfive’s music making battle.

Q: How does it work?
A: Here is an approximate timeline:
1) 6 contestants sample objects for 2 minutes. Each contestant is given 2 hours to build the best song from these special ingredients, trying to beat all of their opponents. Announcers provide commentary and argue as they listen to what each competitor is working on.
2) Songs are collected, played for everyone, and voted on. The winner is the new or reigning champion!

Q: How is it different than the real Iron Chef involving Japanese cuisine?
A: Whereas the original Iron Chef is a battle between cooks in a food-based arena with a time limit, our’s is a battle between musicians in a sample-based arena with a time limit. We may still have good food on location though.

Q: How is it different than a hip-hop producer battle with cash prizes?
A: {Musical} Iron Chef is not genre specific. Anyone who thinks that they can manipulate a given chunk of audio in an inventive way is invited to participate.

Q: Will there be fabulous prizes?
A: There are no huge cash prizes yet, only the pride of being the reigning {Musical} Iron Chef champion. There will be some prizes, like amazing undersea documentaries, CDs, books — stuff.

Q: Why can’t I use my guitar?
A: It would break the special ingredient concept. We must observe the limits of the sample. The only sounds allowed are those contained in the given audio-chunk. This chunk may or may not contain real instruments. It will be up to the competitors to create their own samples from this chunk for their song.

Q: Can I use additional samples or load up a song I already created and insert the samples?
A: No thanks.

Q: How do I join & where and when will they be held?
A: Keep posted– Check for info and sign up for the Kracfive mailing list at!

proswell – whyy
khonnor – iron chef
lipid – a winning game

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