Matthias Korr # Dynamik EP [ alw012]


after his first track “Total Confusion” released on the various artist ep Level eins.2 ( ALW010), Matthias Korr is back with his first solo EP on auflegware. The artist presents pure conceptual sound , that invite the listeners to go on a journey through space and time. Atmosphäric & melodic sound patterns are mixed up with memorable basslines , without losing the focus on the Dancefloor. “Controlling” and “Stratosphäre” are the first projects of Matthias – results out of an experimental time of the artist. Projekt 3 is a Track from a Live-Session, and Night Train invites the listeners to go on a journey through the night by underground. “Dynamik EP” is a brillant debut of the cologne-guy.

Tracklist :

01 | Controlling [ 5:49 ]
02 | Projekt No.3 [ 11:04 ]
03 | Stratosphäre in Grün [ 6:20 ]
04 | Night Train [ 6:47 ]

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