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benfay from bern (.ch) is a mastermind in various styles and instruments and his biography reads like a journey through all aspects of music.
his double bass education at the jazz school of bern, was accompaigned by lots of playing classical music and participating in bands. in 1999 he got in touch with berne’s electronic music scene and decided to fully concentrate on the production of electronic music. he started to teach himself the use of various digital music production-tools and the art of mastering.

releases on various labels from techno to ambient followed, and numerous ep’s like “carbon”, “nitron”, bergflanke” and his exquisite album “one touch button music” on reflect the musical journey the sympathic musician walked in his mind.

for he made a breathtaking album combining accoustic sounds and field recording with electronic music, which he glued together with his double bass.
tracks that jan jelinek couldn’t have done better, and unexpectedly show another different and subtle side, influenced by his experiments in surround technology and his activities in the project “ja, ich will” with jan galega.

this album is dedicated to rhea, and other planetary phenomena.
get ready for an intergalactical experience.

hera vs dublin
poseidon vs. enescu
demeter vs satie
zeus vs. piazzolla
hestia vs beethoven
rhea vs ben
hades vs khan

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