The return of Trip Hop

1bit 029

Following his promising debut on our last compilation (1bit 025), Audiokonstrukte delivers a massive album for 1bit release #029. “Smart Echoes For Sensitive Ears” he says and indeed – beautiful melodies meet sluggish rhythms in a sound field between ambient and the almost forgotten genre of trip hop.

01 Sensitive Poem
02 In Sleepy Town
03 Sensi City
04 Dusty Atmosphere
05 Neurospiderweb
06 Microtraffic
07 Soki Nyha Ten
08 Slow The Moment
09 Quiet Mood
10 Disfiction
11 Fruitcrashes
12 Karmakoma
13 Parkbench

Alle Files in 320kbit/s.
Das komplette Release als ZIP-File (132 MB).

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