Authentic downtempo, historical electro

es37: Ainm – Places and Names

Sounds like authentic downtempo, historical electro…

Ainm is a downtempo and electronica-oriented one-man project launched in 2005 by Moscow composer and musician Ilya Kovalev (now living in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom). Ainm (which simply means name in Irish) follows the style that could be roughly described as historical electro, a combination of computer music techniques with strong interest to historical musical forms and aesthetics. At the same time, Ainm prefers to stay away from both thumping dance beats and naive New Age-esque attempts to perform medieval/ethnic music in a contemporary way. Although he likes to use certain authentic elements in his music, such as alternative tuning scales, timbres of early instruments, bits and pieces of medieval music theory, he deliberately avoids any stylisations and performs only original material.

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01 › “Charlemagne’s Palestine” [12.6mb, 5:30]
02 › “A Song of Pilgrimage” [11.0mb, 4:47]
03 › “Bethania” [10.6mb, 4:35]
04 › “Tagerrhabat” [9.5mb, 4:08]
05 › “Byzantine Electricity” [7.4mb, 3:12]
06 › “Optima Thule” [12.1mb, 5:17]