Minimaldubtechno aus Wiesbaden


Das holländische Eastern Recordings setzt mit dem Release von Christoph Schindling die Serie der Netlabel Dubreleases hier fort.

Christoph Schindling was born in Wiesbaden / Germany in the year 1980 .
About the age of fourteen , he heard about a new thing called “techno-music” and he was very interested in this new stuff .
Of course at this time he was to young to celebrate this new hype in clubs , but there was a radio – show called “HR3 clubnight” which he was listening to every saturday night .
Since 1995 he is developing his own sound using analog gear and digital tools.
In 2007 he started to release his sound at several digital labels .
To be continued . . .

radiator 1000
in the bathroom

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