Aus Musik werde Licht


Für mich schon jetzt eins der schönsten Releases des Monats, die neue Resting Bell von James McDougall, und das Info trifft es einfach so genau, da braucht man nicht mehr viel zu sagen.

“entia non” is the project moniker of Australian artist James McDougall. After great releases at u-cover (zero comma zero, inter alia) and test tube (distal) he comes uo with his first release “sub routine” on Resting Bell.

The four tracks, deeply affected by the Australian landscape (South East Queensland), are very subtle, just like putting your ears on the ground of an animated, busy grassland. Little glitches grawling around like insects, soft wind flurries playing in the long green grass. Then you hear distant shreds of melodies, waving through the air, on the last day of your summer holidays.

intermittent foregrounds
closed under interpretation
marco rhetoric
pieces of eight and dubloons

If you live on the northern hemisphere, you can close your eyes and let in some memories of the last golden sunbeams. On the southern hemisphere, you can sit on the porch and enjoy the warm season with this gentle and touching pieces.