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Der Slogan des Labels Sijis, “the home for music with a limited appeal” ist schonmal ganz groß. Und die EP von Scott Smallwood passt hervorragend.

These pieces represent a series of works that involve meditating on slowly evolving textures in places of stillness and resonance.

1. Still In Here [10:42] was written for the NOW Ensemble. It was performed live at Taplin Auditorium in Princeton, New Jersey on April 4, 2006.

2. Colton Swarm [11:39] was created using recordings of sustained clusters on an electric plastic harmonium.

3. Stay [10:06] was performed live at the Tank in New York City on Valentine’s Day, 2005, and is based upon field recordings made on the Brooklyn Bridge. Featuring Mark Dresser on contrabass and Francis-Marie Uitti on cello.

Scott Smallwood is a sound artist and composer whose work is centered upon a practice of field recording, listening, and improvisation. Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in the mountains of Colorado, his fascination with sound began with a cassette recorder he received for his 10th birthday. Ever since he has explored ways of making recordings of his environment, of objects or places, and used them as inspirations for his work. He frequently improvises with computers, electronics, and percussion instruments, both solo and with others including Mark Dresser, John Butcher, Cor Fuhler, and Pauline Oliveros. His work has been performed and broadcast worldwide, and was most recently featured at Roulette in NYC, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the 2006 Sonic Circuits festival in Washington DC, and the Kulturhaus E-Werk in Frieberg, Germany. His work has been released on Autumn Records, Deep Listening, Televaw, Simple Logic, Static Caravan, and Webbed Hand Records.

colton swarm
still in here now

PS: Für all die die es nachspielen wollen auf ihre Musikhochschule oder so, davon gibts auch die Noten

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