Multiinstrumentale Kollaborationen

Sounds like idm, synth-pop, post-rock…

This album is a collaboration between Nick Zavriev, electronic musician known as Ambidextrous and some other projects, such as Jermook, Dream Mechanics, Light Under Water, and Sergey Moskovkin (Morkva), guitarist, a participant of Placenta and Jermook, too. Eugene Frankevich, the member of well-known post-rock project Silence Kit, also joined this team-work.

The result sounds like intelligent music with instrumental filling, on the verge of idm and soft rock. Sometimes to dance, sometimes to chill… but to listen carefully, anyway.

All tracks by Nick Zavriev & Sergey Moskovkin, except tracks #01 and #06 co-written by Eugeny Frankevich. Nick Zavriev – electronics, Sergey Moskovkin – bass guitar, electronics, Eugeny Frankevich – guitar (tracks #01, #06). if you would like to burn CD, printable covers are available: front and back.

01 › “In” [8.3mb, 3:37]
02 › “Crystal Recast” [12.3mb, 5:22]
03 › “Good Morning” [13.5mb, 5:53]
04 › “Final Cut” [8.3mb, 3:39]
05 › “Nova” [12.1mb, 5:18]
06 › “Organica” [8.4mb, 3:40]
07 › “Mr. Sneeze” [9.2mb, 4:02]
08 › “Think About” [9.2mb, 4:02]

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