Norton - Kersche Remixed (aer012)

Norton are addicted to remixes. In 2005 they released a remixed version of their debut album only with remixes made from Portuguese musicians. Now, not even a year has passed since they released Kersche they present a new remixes release.

Kersche Remixed is, as the name announces, a remixed version of Kersche. People from all around the world were putting new visions, new sounds, new atmospheres in Norton songs.

In this record you travel around the world. From Iceland with FM Belfast, side Project of Örvar Smárason from Múm, to Malaysia with Muxu, Germany with Corwood Manual, Hidden Letters, Nuuk and Trondheim, Portugal with Loto, Stereoboy and Daily Misconceptions, Sweden with Lost Room, U.S.A. with Cars & Trains and Transient, England with Will, Switzerland with And Me and Netherlands with You Echo.

01 Our June – Will Remix 5:04 Min
02 (Your) Balcony – Corwood Manual Remodelling 4:08 Min
03 Sailing Across A Distant Sea – Lost Room Remix 4:05 Min
04 Kersche – Muxu Remix 3:16 Min
05 Spherical Hearts – Trondheim Remix 3:30 Min
06 Still Stays On – Daily Misconceptions Remix 4:47 Min
07 Pleased To Get Home – And Me Remix 3:56 Min
08 Sailing Across A Distant Sea – You Echo Remix 2:17 Min
09 Still Stays On – Transient Remix 4:21 Min
10 (Your) Balcony – FM Belfast Remix 3:33 Min
11 Cinnamon & Wine – Loto Remix 4:45 Min
12 Sailing Across A Distant Sea – Stereoboy Remix 3:11 Min
13 Lowlands – Nuuk Remix 2:33 Min
14 Kersche – Cars And Trains Remix 3:17 Min
15 (Your) Balcony – Hidden Letters Remix 3:54 Min
Download the whole release as .zip

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