Alexander and Dmitry Soloviev from the heart of Siberia region of Russian, Novosibirsk city, play intelligent dance music with peculiar urban folk flavour. Their Handless Clock album idea can be described by these words:

“…I can see you, but you can’t see me. We shall never meet, but there is something I want you to know. My time is not the same as your time. Our times are not the same. And do you know what that means? That means that time does not exist. Do you want me to repeat that? There is no time. There is life and death. There are people and animals. Our thoughts exist. And the world. The universe, too. But there is no time. You might as well take it easy. Have a nice day…” – Erlend Loe, Naiv. Super.

“Born” [8.3mb, 3:37]
“Burst” [12.3mb, 5:22]
“Tik Tak” [13.5mb, 5:53]
“Madam!” [8.3mb, 3:39]
“Angels” [12.1mb, 5:18]
“Contact” [8.4mb, 3:40]
“Joke” [9.2mb, 4:02]
“Letit” [9.2mb, 4:02]

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