After Normaa and the live by Rafiralfiro & [wi-ni] 2.0, Fresh Poulp stay connect with Iberian Peninsula with this new release 100% “hip hop from spain”. This “laglitch EP” could be the presentation of the musical intentions of this trio consisted of 2 rappers, Sano & Chew and [wi-ni] 2.0 in machines. Realized last year, ” laglitch EP ” is a delicious mixture of rap, electro and funk which was of use to them as display, and has also been a way to express everything that made us shout… and, of course, it’s a prelude to what will be in april 2008 their first long playing record.

01. Entro mp3
02. De paseo mp3
03. Cops mp3
04. Aviso mp3
05. Yo tambien opino mp3
06. La terraza mp3
07. Outrueus (Salgo) mp3