Fresh Tunes at auflegware. Plainly and simply because the new EP, a masterpiece made by Anneke Laurent, sounds pretty deep and dub.

The Artists was influenced by minimal dub , house , jazz and swing. And just that’s why you should absolutely check this Sounds. Listen to it! It will be hard to stop the enthusiasm Anneke is going to spread with his well designed tunes.

Sure the first appeal of this release is a bit melancholic but after short time you’ll catch yourself at moving your bottom in circles. That’s the point you have to ascertain that every single track is tactful enough to get your loco motions.

Now fasten your seatbelts and join the trip into this impressive audio venture. Recline and levitate while snapping your fingers and nodding to the beat.

01 | Touken [05:16] mp3
02 | My Jacket ( coffemamas ) [6:12] mp3
03 | The Hip back [4:00] mp3

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