As the winter comes to a close, Fresh Poulp presents Pix’s first album. I met this guy from France thanks to myspace. Pix offers an genre blending album, from electronica to ambient & hip-hop. Add some melancholic tunes alongside darker tracks, to give contrast and homogeneity to these ten works. Last but not least, two nice collabs, the first with the female singer Enoalie, the second with Singaporean sound designer SonicBrat.

01. To Begin Again mp3
02. Life Cycle mp3
03. Empty Handed mp3
04. One of These Days mp3
05. Upsurge mp3
06. Before My Very Eyes mp3
07. Cleanse Emotions mp3
08. Living mp3
09. The Broken Glass Balerina mp3
10. Jailbreak mp3