One Bit Wonder says Goodbye and Thank You with a last release:

Artist: Latex Distortion and Gary West
Title: Killed by a Fairy
Catalogue #: 1bit 032

1bit 032

For our final release, Latex Distortion team up with singer/songwriter Gary West to deliver one of the most surprising packages of our whole catalogue: “Killed by a Fairy” is a diverse mixture of broken beat electronica, powering electronic rock and catchy guitar songs – a dauntless appeal for a world without musical boundaries.

01 Latex Distortion – BIOS
02 Latex Distortion – Wagon 9 to L.E.
03 Latex Distortion – A Desperate Moment
04 Latex Distortion – Peris
05 Latex Distortion and Gary West – Wise
06 Latex Distortion and Gary West – Dopamine
07 Gary West – Good Good Life

Alle Files in 320kbit/s.
Das komplette Release als ZIP-File (71.1 MB).

Cover zum Download und mehr Infos:

3 Responses

  1. bleed

    warum? müssen wir jetzt das große netlabel-sterben ausrufen?

  2. benne

    hm, keine ahnung. ich denke eher nicht.
    zumindest bei uns sind es eher persönliche gründe:

    “Too many other projects have been consuming our time lately, so instead of doing things half-heartedly we decided to quit when it’s best. Thanks for three wonderful years full of love and great music! Our site will remain active for a while and may still serve you as an archive.”
    (von der website)