The idea of this album can be recognized while looking at its cover. Taking hard drugs, such as cocaine, is one of the fastest ways to kill yourself, rapidly. Every single day thousands of people die because of the overdose or the suicide. A man, who tasted poppy tears once, will cry during all his life. Think about it.

A project named Abstracode was founded in Ulyanovsk, Russia by Denis Borisov, also known as Microfluid, and Mikhail Gurov (Braincrasher). Stylistically, their music is a mix of dark downbeat, inspired by ambient and trip-hop moods with sophisticated lo-fi experience.

“Slow Glow (Intro)” [4.6mb, 2:00]
“2 Days 2 Ways” [8.3mb, 3:36]
“The Despair” [14.7mb, 6:25]
“Finding a Doze” [12.7mb, 5:32]
“Sniffing Cocaine” [13.6mb, 5:57]
“Texturkki” [13.5mb, 5:53]
“Endogenous Opiates” [14.7mb, 6:24]
“Gradioz” [6.8mb, 2:56]
“Sick Fantasy” [14.0mb, 6:06]
“Eat My Dirt, Bitch!” [13.0mb, 5:39]
“Cemetry Of Dream” [13.6mb, 5:55]
“Transitions” [14.3mb, 6:14]
“The End Of Summer” [8.4mb, 3:39]
“Detalkki” [10.5mb, 4:33]
“Make Your Transition (Outro)” [6.0mb, 2:36]

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