mfm06Bad Ratio likes to travel. He has been in countless places but his favourite destinations seem to be Kingston, Oslo and London. He jumps back and forth almost instantly from place to place. He can be found in a sound system battle, the next moment he stands next to a frozen northern lake and then in a UK rave back in ‘92. Whenever he returns home, he brings lots of souvenirs for everyone. This one is for you. Bad Ratio says hi.

Bad Ratio’s apocalyptic EP is beefed up with a playful remix by Pridon of Low Impedance recordings, a treat for those who have been waiting (and waiting…) for this release.

1. No Sunshine
2. Bootykilla
3. Slippin’ Into Darkness
4. Moongod
5. Distort Dem
6. No Sunshine (Pridon remix)

The whole release in a .zip: link ( V0 vbr mp3 | 26 minutes | 50mb )

After a long period of absence, memoryformat is back with this kick-ass ep by Bad Ratio. Visit the new memoryformat website to stream the release and leave a comment. Also, we have set up a new podcast that will deliver the latest memoryformat release to your desktop plus a newsfeed and an e-mail newsletter for memoryformat news.