Sinergy-networks presents the debut release from Two Unknown Guys as free download.

Egor P. and Ilya Z. are the artists behind the project “Two Unknown Guys”. They both come from Russia but they met on the Internet in 2006. Despite their difference in studies ( Egor as a composer / sound engineer in Leipzig, Ilya as a photon physicist / designer in St.-Petersburg) and distance between them they found a shared interest in electronic music so they decided to start a common project to realize their own music visions. The tracks on this EP were created in a deep self-exploration of the both project members using on one hand the Egor’s knowledge for creating sounds / mixing and on other Ilya’s skills for an irrationalization of beat / structure.

Enjoy the output of this unique collaboration that also contains a remix by Christoph Schindling.

Click here for preview , more info and free download.

open source
bloodnight (christoph shindling remix)

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