We are proud to announce the release of 2 exclusive e.p.’s with the launch of paperscissorstone.

(pss001) dawson – incorrected

Five tracks of warm, complex techno from the labels co-founder.
Includes a remix of unreleased track ‘handheld’ from Stuart Bowditch of Hybernation (rednetic), using found sounds and samples from little penguin (working classes).
1. Mosques
2. Their Is
3. Toy Robot
4. Mobius
5. Handheld (hybernations triband remix)
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(pss002) joe ellis – swings & roundabouts

Four intricately composed house tracks from Joe Ellis which feel equally at ease on the sofa or the dancefloor. A subtly different sound to his Trimsound and Floppy Funk releases, showing a more experimental, percussive approach.
1. Marvelous Marvin
2. The White Spider
3. Six Functions
4. Benchmark
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