Sounds like psychedelic jazz, indie rock…

After three years of rocking and hundreds of live events, Uniquetunes band comes to some deserving point of this movement, releasing its first studio self-titled album. Started as quartet, now they are eight and they still play music totally live. All tracks were recorded without using any computers and the result sounds astonishing: full-power psychedelic jazz mixed with adjusted art-rock.

“First Track” [0.3mb, 0:05]
“Second Track” [0.3mb, 0:05]
“Third Track” [0.3mb, 0:05]
“Fourth Track” [0.2mb, 0:03]
“Fifth Track” [0.2mb, 0:03]
“Sixth Track” [0.2mb, 0:04]
“Slow Down” [13.6mb, 5:55]
“Le g8v0 dEL’ cotAH” [11.6mb, 5:02]
“Disconnecting People” [11.3mb, 4:55]
“Feel The Groove” [11.3mb, 4:55]
“Death By Our Airlines” [13.9mb, 6:02]
“Real Axe” [15.8mb, 6:53]
“9th August 1969” [16.9mb, 7:21]

You’ll find two absolutely new tracks and five ones, previously released as free-improvised versions on A Year Rocking, but now they are totally reworked and upgraded, while tracks from 1 to 6 have several funky seconds total and sounds like intro.

Talking about genres, this record is a mixture of contemporary jazz, live electronics, modern indie rock and psychedelic from 70’s. During these years, Uniqueutnes shared one stage with Red Snapper, Amon Tobin and many others. Everything you hear was self-recorded, self-engineered, self-produced and self-mixed. This work already has respected replies from Jaga Jazzist and Clutchy Hopkins.

So, no more words… push play and let’s start this jazzzzy journey!

Mihey – bass; Anton – guitar; Prohor – guitar; Leo – tenor-saxophone, soprano-saxophone, bass-clarinet, clarinet, piano; Kirill – akai2500, microkorg, rhodes; Den – drums, miscrocorg, sound-engineering; Raf – korg sx1, sound-engineering; Igoryan – sound-engineering. All tracks recorded at Voshod Studio in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (February, 2008) and mixed at Antrop Studio. Physical copy of this album is available as CD on 3PBeats. You can also visit Uniquetunes official MySpace page to stay informes about band’s gigs.

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