A year has passed since the release of “Horiozontal Plane Polar Dub”, Dubosmium’s first EP. This moroccan music wizard strikes back with an overview of his first LP, which will be released later in 2008. Green Element features 3 exclusive tracks and 5 remixes orchestrated by Fresh Poulp’s artists (Rafiralfiro, Xena Supermoog, Silent Bells, Duck and Yarkouy), for 8 tracks evolving from ambient to hard electro-dub.

01. 7Heavens (words and vocal by Said jaha)  mp3
02. Wala mma mp3
03. Treeeternity  mp3
04. Tuvadelic Odyssey (7Heavens rmx by Rafiralfiro)  mp3
05. Overdub Da Dub (Overeastern rmx by Yarkouy) mp3
06. Balanced Power (Waragine A Ragine rmx by Duck) mp3
07. Istandub – (Istandub rmx by Xena Supermoog) mp3
08. FamilyTree (Treeeternity rmx by Silent Bells) mp3