“Colobox” [15.2mb, 6:38]

“Ehali Da Cybalisa” [10.4mb, 4:33]

“Taboo Redko” [6.5mb, 2:50]

“Dub Oli (steady mix)” [3.5mb, 1:30]

“Rusalo” [4.7mb, 2:01]

“Nazadnicetanez” [5.7mb, 2:28]

“Artek (giggle mix)” [3.7mb, 1:35]

“Mostourbaza” [5.8mb, 2:32]

“Girl” [3.8mb, 1:38]

“Long Ago” [7.4mb, 3:12]

“Teletesto” [6.4mb, 2:48]

“Go There Don’t Know Where” [5.4mb, 2:20]

“Bitter Tragic Joke” [10.8mb, 4:42]

“Traffic Dub” [11.8mb, 5:08]

“Excellent Drops” [14.5mb, 6:20]

“It’s Not Night”

Sounds like ethnic jazz, hypno sampladelic…

Taiga is a solo project of Denis Taiga from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, exists with a wide collaborations by other musicians. Bitter Tragic Joke is the collection of previously unreleased tracks, recorded in a period of six years, since 2002 till present days.

Sampladelic experience and ethnic eclectic jazz are the basic lines of Taiga: we can hear a lot of samples from Soviet movie pictures and cassette tapes, mixed with authentic folklore recordings and modern electronics. While mixing, the source dissolves in some kind of deep sound clew, so even musician cannot understand where does it come from… He calls this Hypno.

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