It’s summertime ! Long and sunny evenings, fresh beers, barbecues… what’s better than dub to enlight these moments ? This 22nd release is from french born Guitoud, that present throught the spectrum of Electro-dub a subtile association of traditional inspirations and modern music, all these elements delayed and overdubbed in deep echos… Guitoud‘s downtempo signature is now linked with jamaïcan music’s strengh and unity. Twelve tasty tracks, like the steps of a clock, bring us for an ethnic-coloured trip with really aerial sounds and deep deep bass. A kind of barbecue-dub ?? It’s much more than that…

01. Tiinn Naaa Guiii mp3
02. Part I : Analogic Time mp3
03. Stepp Monkeys (Feat. Algar)mp3
04. Nucleic Dub mp3
05. Sweet Back mp3
06. Part II : Cubic Time mp3
07. Redemption mp3
08. Molecule mp3
09. Synthesis mp3
10. Trod Along mp3
11. Part III : Cyclic Time mp3
12. Version mp3