Zuckermann is a nice guy – hence the name. And he’s working nicely on a new Berlin House sound called ‘2nd Berlin Skool’, mind you! See also: recent netlabel post here on de-bug: “‘I Hate It’ – say Hagen B. and Zuckermann“. Also see: our MySpace race towards fame (“O-my-goood! How many new frieds have I made today, ey!”).

Zuckermann now brings to you the spirit of this particular sound, bound in a banging DJ-Mix for ya Haus, mouse, and spouse. Lots of great classics, (16) tons of newer stuff, and also mountains of his veeeery own productions.

With all that gravel, you may rock your neighbours, your iPod, your car stereo, and your friends (MySpace!) – and don’t be disappointed if one of those superstar DJs at your local club suddenly seems a bit dull in comparison… na, I mean a pet bull in comparison…, na, what I really mean is… uhm, just forget it!

Listen up! And down – Zuckermann’s House Mix

* DJ Koze – Diskoteer
* Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Melodrama (Nils Nilson RM)
* Whitelabel of a great House classic – anybody an idea by whom?
* Bergmann zu Fuss (= Zuckermann & Hagen B.) – Slow
* Brother’s Vibe – Spherical Bones (Orginal Mix)
* Hagen B. & Zuckermann – M I Missing U (Minimal Remix)
* XTRAK – Don’t Stop
* Noze – Remember Love
* Sascha Dive – Annihilating Rhythm
* Christian Smith & John Selway – Hidden Cities
* Tomboy – I Kill Guitar
* Kraftwerk – Aerodynamik (Hot Chip’s Intelligent Design Mix)