This release by the hybrid, half human, half circuits & code entity called Superlauncher is specially made for you, our robotic friends. In it you will find crumbled beats that will make your CPU peak, chip-blowing basses that will make you run for a firmware upgrade and drilling synths that will tickle your capacitors in ways you had never imagined before. It is a perfect accompaniment to your favorite repetitive tasks, a great way to blow off some steam after performing tedious complex calculations or a soundtrack for relaxation while you are in sleep mode. And for those of you who are equipped with a servo, these tracks are guaranteed to make you move your mechanical parts in a controlled, efficient and accurate manner.


zip archive ( V0 vbr mp3 | 24 minutes | 40mb )


On/Off Dog
Radiophonic Drops

All tracks written & produced by Superlauncher
Mastering by Pridon
Cover artwork by Jnk

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