Raul Pueyo [Sintetic Collage] is one of the artists from Spain who came up with intelligent produced Electronica. Spain as a country seems to emerge a nice and constantly growing electronic art scene, especially in regards to hightech musicians with an IDM and Electronica passion. Just look at artist like Rec_Overflow, AZ-Rotator, Nikka, Eedl, Fibla, etc. who provide us with brilliant sounds. Sintetic Collage definitely takes a step onto this level. His new release “Concrete Moments” reflects his current state of electronic music productions amazingly. This new EP follows Sintatic Collage’s debut “Instantes” which was released on Envizagae Records. The label is run by Miroslaw Majewski who is also known as ENV(itre). The new EP contains 6 tracks and lays somewhere between ambient moods and a atmosphere which supports daydreams. It is not that abstract in beats and programming, but is beautifully made and it definitely has this sensible moony touch. [dnn7]

01-sintetic collage – incertidumbre mental en estados concretos
02-sintetic collage – (inducción)
03-sintetic collage – prologue of the caos
04-sintetic collage – inpulsos
05-sintetic collage – combulsion cerebral
06-sintetic collage – añoranza de las imagenes inexistentes

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