Electrosound presents new release:

Hard Stroke – “The Others”

HardStroke is a band, based on one human. Simon Johansson is his name.

Simon has created music for a long time, and has faced many different music styles. Some of them are: rock, pop, jazz, metal, dance, house, techno, trance, classical and… Swedish folkmusic. Mash it up!

Get track by track (320kbps mp3):

01 “Intro” (6.8mb, 2:58)

02 “Paul The Farmer” (14.6mb, 6:21)

03 “2 Steps 87” (13.5mb, 5:52)

04 “Just Another Dumbass” (12.5mb, 5:26)

05 “Ulf and Skon” (8.6mb, 3:45)

06 “Massive Blocks Made Of Rocks” (9.2mb, 4:02)

07 “Net Work” (14.8mb, 6:26)