New electroacoustic experiments on Musica Excentrica by Joan Bages i Rubi:

Joan Bagés i Rubi — “Instrumental Music”

Sounds like musique concrète, electroacoustic…

Spanish musician Joan Bages i Rubi, a young Stockhausen and Xenakis follower, develops the idea of interactions between classical music theory and algorythmic concpetions of the contemporary music – “These four pieces collect some of my ways of sound work, pieces for solo instrument, pieces for ensemble and pieces for interactive music and electroacustic music.”

01 “Alchemy” (8:33)

02 “Improvisacion-OAAATTA” (9:56)

03 “Interactions” (7:20)

04 “Intersections-BouleWav 2.0” (12:50)

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