and adamned.age - Tard Dans La Nuit [Intoxik Ltd13]

The mind is a terrible thing to taste according to some. To Dusty, however, that terror is easily offset by the physical pleasures of its sinful fantasies. Dominio represents a sinister slide down the staircase of his imagination, all the way into an intoxicating cellar resonating with the echoing vibrations of delayed bass lines, haunting hihat shuffles and surreal superimposed solos for grunding machines.

One half of this futuristically propulsive package is fueled by a phantasmagoric fusion of beligerently bouncing grooves and industrial textures. On the other, premonitious ambient loops are lustfully penetrated by gradually tightening percussion pulses in the subtlest kind of mindfuck imaginable. Forget “Blade” and “Underworld” – this is what vampires really dance to, cheers!

04 Dominio [Gift Cut]
03 Subkonscio | 96kbps
02 Inkonscio | 96kbps
01 Konscio | 96kbps

Dusty | Intoxik | Dominio on Beatport

Ganz große Panoramabetäubung spät nachts auf Intoxik Limited. Die Berlinerin adamned.age lässt es auf Tard Dans La Nuit paradiesisch flauschen.

01 Tard Dans La Nuit
02 Solitude
03 Self Friction

[rar including two bonus remixes]

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