WEARK is a fresh netlabel for electronic music made in cologne. We started this project to release our music and to share it with the rest of the world. Our music is for free and is licensed under a CreativCommons by-nc-nd license.

PARTS OF COMMON GENDER is our compilation-series that comes each 2-3 months. The newest WEARK-release is volume 3 of this compilation, that comes as a magazine. Each artist has created a double-site and tracks on the compilation.

bok.boolekk – pitchbend jokey
suod.ulbeba – armenhausabendsession
flur – aeol
alex:ketzer – exhale
g470 – stoebern

You can download the whole compilation by CLICKING HERE.

The download contains 9 tracks, the album cover and also the PDF of our magazine. If you prefer a printed version incl. a CD, you can order it for 5 €.

If you want more music or informations of WEARK, please visit our website http://www.we-ark.com.

Have a nice day with WEARK!