Digital Diamonds are back!!

After researching carefully in the endless space of virtuality, we found some exquisite sound pearls, that we are proud to present you on a massive compilation. Melting basic labelmembers like Dan Rotor, October Rust, Simmetune and Kalumet as well as promising newcomers like Viker Turrit and Digital I/O, completed by well known artists like Fuzzion, BitShift and FM Radio Gods, this first labelcompilation got the title “Digital Family”.


01 Dan Rotor – Abducted
02 Viker Turrit – Interferon
03 Kalumet – Blaxun
04 FM Radio Gods – Atom Bells (October Rust Remix)
05 BitShift – Specialist
06 Fuzzion – Solar (Alic Remix)
07 Dan Rotor – Gemuesemann
08 Thompson & Kuhl – Heisse Luft
09 Digital I/O – Carbon Classic
10 Opsy – Nightstripes
11 Simmetune – Der Flaechenzauberer

Album: Digital Family
Artist: Various Artists
Compiler: Alic
Label: Digital Diamonds
Tracks: 11
Release date: November 2008

Style: Psychedelic Techno, Techtrance
Format: Digital (WAV and 320k-MP3, Flac)
Distribution: ,
Licence: Creative Commons 2.0 by-nc-nd
Mastering: Volker Jakubzik at Sonic HQs
Coverart: JP-Huss :

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Volker & Adam / Digital Diamonds Netlabel