minimal moments of inspiration and silence is the leading headline for -amalgamation-. it is slow, it is quiet, it is melody and more than chill and ambient. it is a flow and sometimes jazzy. a sign in modern electronica interpretation. a perfect combination of grooves, beats and harmonized soundscapes. silent minimal moments are rare. it is now up to you to take your time, hold your breath for a while. its time for chechnyan loves -amalgamation-

01 intro
02 florigen
03 interior monologue
04 specious present
05 bang-bang principle
06 essential contestability
07 chiaroscuro
08 tragedy of the commons
09 convergent evolution
10 dissociation of sensibility
11 outro


About The Author

clear-cut-records was founded in 2007 as an indipendent electronic music label. the goal is to support and promote talented musicians and producers all around the globe to become public knowledge. the music style reaches from techno to techouse from minimal to deephouse. all releases has one commen: unique and individual electronic sounds - pure emotions. for the club and also for homelistening. all the time the perfect sound. following the clear-cut-records credo: music for minimal moments.