After his first solo work with Fresh Poulp Records (the EP “El Plan B OST“), Rafiralfiro returns to his musical collaborations with this “Istanbul Engloutie EP’s” featuring new versions of this track (from his first album “Transe Lucide”) and also amazing remixes. Alongside the now famous version from Dubosmium (FPR003), new interpretations from Mayd Hubb, Recycler, Frank Riggio, Phonem or Monkeymarc (to name a few) bring dub, dubstep, IDM or abstract hip-hop vibes to the original track’s oriental flavour. Fresh Poulp Family is obviously involved here, with remixes from Pix, Tsunami Wasahari and [wi-ni] 2.0.

To Download  ::

A1. Original Version mp3
A2. Tsunami Wazahari Rmx ft. Zion I mp3
A3. Mayd Hubb Rmx mp3
A4. Recycler Rmx mp3
A5. Kaapad Rmx mp3
A6. Matajanka Rmx “Istanbull” mp3
A7. Phonem Rmx mp3
A8. [wi-ni] 2.0 Rmx “Istanbul-Casablanca” mp3

B1. Rafiralfiro Trio Version
B2. Soundamantium Rmx “Istanbul Ensevelie” mp3
B3. Monkeymarc Rmx mp3
B4. Frank Riggio Rmx mp3
B5. Pix Rmx mp3
B6. Dubosmium Rmx “Istandub” mp3
B7. Marek Rmx mp3
B8. Akkord I On Rmx mp3