Passing Meteorites

Randomform is Sorin Paun from Bucharest (Romania) and next to his visual art he is experimenting with electronic and natural (raw and processed) sounds as soundtracks for his paintings and drawings.

The paintings, drawings and especially the music are very detailed and all of this is more than just an experiment. Both kind of art could stand alone and could create a specific, marvellous but still advanced feeling.

The new EP entitled “Sysma EP” delivers 5 songs and each of them is like a fragment taken from a futuristic fairy tale, telling a story from outer space. Little pieces of crunched and delayed sounds are passing by closely like meteoroids on their way into another dimension. Wonderful textures generate a peaceful mood and surround intelligent rhythmics which work sometimes hypnotical and sometimes demanding. Randomform creates perfectly executed feelings on this new EP and it is definitely not of a temporary nature only. It is just to hope that even more fragments will come up in the future. [dnn]

01-Randomform – Caid
02-Randomform – Axia
03-Randomform – Led
04-Randomform – Sysma
05-Randomform – Reel

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