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complex and sometimes crazy

It is always difficult to grab peoples attention for electronic musicreleased in the world wide web and it might not be helpful to publish a compilation of electronic music between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Anyway, the language of music is complex and sometimes crazy in a positive way and Crazy Language presents a really great finish after plenty publications in 2008.

The compilation features 23 artists from across the world. This includes a global survey of the very active electronic music scene and it shows how multifaceted music from IDM to Electronica and Abstract Noise could sound. The Crazy Compilation #3 is definitely not engaged to provide 2-hour-changeless music. In fact it is like a demonstration that each kind of music regardless of abstraction has its value set to be heard. [dnn7]

01 the last gambit – this bag is not a toy
02 sintetic collage – brief farewell
03 huron – d#g
04 atonalis – obscured by clouds (with v-exp)
05 orbique – morning rain
06 ENV(itre) – mekkon digeat
07 dnn – leaving sadness
08 sincere trade – line ar
09 pleq – a better place
10 zephyr nova – shatterscape (after the aftermath)
11 sintetic collage – hidden recollections (rumorse’s bay of fires remix)
12 burdeos – semper aliud
13 FMcontrol – hackney ill rhyma (vocals by dave taylor)
14 dino felipe – st. john
15 az-rotator – audio game
16 rec_overflow – k_troid
17 ebola – through the k-hole
18 randomform – metlquube
19 atmogat – trevour aux
20 quadramoray – agency
21 ralp – proctham
22 syl kougaï – 1001mvts
23 victer manderline – taktle dose einundelfzig

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