Sehr schönes treibendes Detroitdubtechno Release auf dem französischen Label Edensonic

Edensonic’s sixth release introduces Henri Puolitaival, a young deep-techno newcomer from northern Finland to the world. Henri’s love for that special sound and atmosphere of detroit techno can be heard all over the tracks which tell a strange but beautiful story from the deep forests of Finland. It’s moody techno with traces of house sounds combined in a truly stylish and unique way, which Henri’s strong compositional skills really bring alive. Deep influences by the old motor city techno innovators are clearly reflected from the tracks, as the chord sounds of the opening track “Fifteen Ways” smoothly blend into the atmospheric string background or in the way which “Village Filled With Freaks” turns from a flowing house tune into a hectic Robert Hoodish experimentation in techno patterns. The third track “Surrounding Oppression” is a more dub techno piece with catchy percussion programming, which has always been one of Henri’s strong skills.

The release includes a remix from Edensonic’s label heads Strial & Tioneb, two upcoming producers from Toulouse (France). They deliver a deep and melodic remix of Henri’s “Village Filled With Freaks” with a truly stylish detroit techno vibe on it. Both of them have a long history in electronic music behind them and although living in the same area they got hooked together by accident in 2001, starting immediately to produce music together. Year 2005 should also bring forth their first EP release – while waiting for it be sure to check out Strial’s and Tioneb’s own quality releases on Edensonic Records.

Henri Puolitaival stands and delivers. This is the sound coming out of the deep and dark forests, painting a sonic landscape of a desolated industrial city straight before your eyes. Get it now – you’ll fall in love with it in no time.

fifteen ways
village filled with freaks
surrounding oppression
village filled with freaks strial and tioneb remix