meto´s -further development- ep is a voyage into re-experience pure minimal soundvisions.
stylistically confident and well-balanced on a straight way. look left, look right but always running forward to keep the final horizon in mind, you will reach destination with meto´s tracks, reach the conclusion to start again. unconsumed soundideas and melodies over a perfect sequenced beat. minimal moments in best shape.

01 bliss
02 rex and hans in space
03 tictoc
04 palm

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About The Author

clear-cut-records was founded in 2007 as an indipendent electronic music label. the goal is to support and promote talented musicians and producers all around the globe to become public knowledge. the music style reaches from techno to techouse from minimal to deephouse. all releases has one commen: unique and individual electronic sounds - pure emotions. for the club and also for homelistening. all the time the perfect sound. following the clear-cut-records credo: music for minimal moments.