Neue Netaudio EP von Trace auf Thinner.

Neue kostenlose EP auf Thinner vom Offenbacher Trace, dessen bisherige Veröffentlichungen sich auf dokumentarische Fotobände von ausgedehnten Partynächten im Studio 672 und Robert Johnson beziehen. Wenn euch gefixte Stereobilder und analoges Signalrauschen nicht verschrecken checkt die 3 analogen Tracks sowie den langsamen Deephouse Mix von Zach Kraemer aus.

trace has left traces indeed from his contribution to thn100 (the mysterious ?vicky?) and this release just takes on where he left. on his thinner debut ep he presents three conceptual tracks, which are likely to be characterized as being ?raw? and/or ?pure?, as these tracks are all live recordings, no software utilized and the audible groundnoises and hissings which load on the unflatteringly direct lo-fi aestheticsbeing part of the concept.

01 Try To Die
02 Dream On
03 Kiss And Run
04 City (ZigZag Offenbach City Mix)

fast fast 192kbps .ZIP download (36MB) from fast server for your convenience here!
320kbps .ZIP (60MB) there!
and new FLAC (173MB) for the sonophiles available via this link!.

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    offenbach. small city of deep dreams.