Geoff White, Jacek Sienkiewicz und Lowfour Remixe. Puh… ihr wisst schon warum Thinner die Grössten sind.

Details for [THN072] Veer – Where Nothing Ever Happened
The native Frankfurter Ole Schulte already worked at the
renowed design office ‘Surface’ before he started to do music by himself. One day Ekkehard Ehlers heard Ole’s first demos and immediately recognized his potential so he drove him to the Force Inc. office the very same day. From this point a couple of Veer contributions were put out on Force Inc. until his first solo album got released on Move D’s Source Records in 2002.

Since then Ole intensified researching and sound design and started to build up his own studio aswell as he started to work with different singers. At that point of time he started to work as a designer, for example for Sven V?ths ‘Cocoon’ Label where he’s in charge for the the record sleeve designs and the website. Veer’s creative efforts also includes the automobile fair in Paris 2004, where he designed a constantly changing sound landscape….

praesenz feat. malte
where nothing ever happened
the path
interpretation 1 – lowfour remix
interpretation – geoff white remix
interpretation – jacek sienkiewicz remix
interpretation 2 – lowfour remix

3 Responses

  1. reisender

    nur weil sie mit “stars” kommen heißt das noch lange nicht, dass das gut ist!!! der schein trügt manchmal…

  2. Tobi Tobsucht

    da stimm ich meinem vorredner gern zu!
    aber gut ist dieser release schon irgendwie…*verdammt*